Carlyle Pygeum Africanum Bark Review

With so many dietary supplements available, it’s hard to know which one to choose for your specific need. Most men take a multivitamin, but they still miss out on certain ingredients that can improve their sexual health to see longer-lasting erections.

Our Carlyle Pygeum Africanum Bark review will talk about Pygeum. You’ll learn about its benefits, uses, side effects, and the customer reviews from those taking the Carlyle Nutritionals brand. Let’s continue!

Carlyle Pygeum Africanum Bark

What Is Pygeum Africanum Bark?

Pygeum is the name used for teas, extracts, and supplements coming from Prunus Africana, a special tree bark native to Africa. It features chemicals that will shrink an enlarged prostate in males. They may experience fewer urinary issues, such as nighttime urination and poor urine flow.

Some men experience relief from kidney problems when using Pygeum Africanum Bark, but there isn’t much evidence supporting the claims that it helps.

The Pygeum bark contains beta-sitosterol, which is a naturally-occurring phytosterol. The plant compound has been revered in wellness traditions for men. Usually, it’s combined with other herbs, though it can be a standalone supplement if you find that you need it more than other things.

There are no known side effects of taking Pygeum, especially in doses of up to 200 mg each day and for 12 months total. However, it could adversely interact with other medications you might be taking. Therefore, it’s best to talk to your doctor about using Pygeum before doing so.

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What Is Carlyle Nutritionals?

Carlyle Nutritionals manufactures high-quality supplements and vitamins and offers Pygeum Africanum Bark on its own. The brand has more than 40 years of experience in health, and it claims to use pure ingredients and advanced technology to provide supplements at a great value.

This brand uses trusted ingredients and tests everything in a laboratory before sending it to users. Likewise, it claims to use the best suppliers worldwide because they meet its high standards for ethics, purity, and quality.

The Two Pygeum Products

You can order two different Pygeum products, which we will discuss below:

  • Extras-strength Pygeum – This 4,000mg supplement comes in a quick-release capsule, which makes it easy to add to your daily routine. Likewise, it contains no preservatives or sweeteners, and it’s gluten-free and non-GMO.
  • Ultra-standardized Pygeum – This 1,300mg supplement is called the gold standard for the African herb. It’s a scientifically-crafted formula that offers less than the Extra-strength version. You get about 25mg of Phytosterols, and it uses a quick-release capsule.

How Many Pills Do You Get?

The number of capsules you get depends on where you buy Pygeum. Carlyle Nutritionals offers its own website to purchase the products, and you will get 200 pills for under $19. However, online retailers will often give you 240 or more for a little less (about $15.)

Generally, we recommend buying the supplement from the manufacturer’s website because you know it’s authentic. However, those who wish to save money will probably shop with online retailers to get the product for less.

What Customers Say about Carlyle Pygeum Africanum Bark

Most men who have used Carlyle Pygeum Africanum Bark claim that they had problems with urination. Some said they got up multiple times at night, and others had urine flow issues. They all mentioned that Pygeum helped them.

Generally, the results are positive, but most people said they researched the product extensively before trying it. They often reviewed Pygeum after a few uses, so it’s unclear if it was a long-term solution for them.

One man actually wrote an extensive review and came back with updates. Even two years later, the product was effective, though he started with only one capsule and ended up switching to two pills each day. After all that time, there were no side effects!

A few reviews talked about Pygeum helping them with other issues. For example, one man said he was in his 50s, and the product increased his pre-cum and final load extensively.

There were a few negative remarks about Carlyle Pygeum Africanum Bark. One man said that he experienced heavy night sweats while using the supplement. It was bad enough that he got dehydrated and couldn’t sleep. Still, he said it was effective, though he must have been allergic to it.

Another man complained about the smell of the capsules. When he had taken another Pygeum brand, there was no smell, but this one seemed to have an odor.

FAQs about Carlyle Pygeum Africanum Bark

What Are the Ingredients in Pygeum Africanum Bark from Carlyle Nutritionals?

The main ingredient is Pygeum extract. However, it uses certain fillers, which include:

  • Silica
  • Vegetable Magnesium Stearate
  • Gelatin (capsule)
  • Rice Powder

How Do You Use Carlyle Pygeum Africanum Bark?

Adult men should consume two capsules daily. Drink plenty of water and take them with or right after a meal for the best results.

Can Women Take Carlyle Pygeum Africanum Bark?

In most cases, Pygeum Africanum bark will not harm a woman, but there are no known uses for women. Likewise, it’s unwise to use this supplement if you’re nursing or pregnant. Though no studies have been done on the effects to the unborn baby, it might not be safe.

Is Pygeum Africanum Bark from Carlyle FDA-Approved?

No. The FDA doesn’t evaluate dietary supplements, so it cannot approve them for use. If you are concerned about taking Pygeum Africanum Bark, it’s best to talk to a medical professional first. Likewise, this product cannot diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat any disease.

While studies have indicated that it can treat urinary problems in men, it’s up to the user to decide if they want to take it and see.

Final Thoughts on Carlyle Pygeum Africanum Bark

Our Carlyle Pygeum Africanum Bark review is coming to a close. You have learned what it is and why men use it. However, there are no guarantees that it will work for you. Therefore, it’s best to speak to a doctor or another medical professional before consuming this or other dietary supplements.

If you suffer from an enlarged prostate, you may find that Pygeum can help you experience fewer symptoms. However, there haven’t been many studies done on the ingredient. It likely will not hurt you, and many other users have had good results.