Sexual Health Benefits – Can You Get Healthier By Having a Good Sex Life?

There are many surprising benefits of sex that go beyond the pleasure of having an orgasm. You can get a health boost in various ways, whether you’re by yourself or with a partner. In fact, regular sex can lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

It’s not a joking matter; having sex frequently can be good for you!

When you’re in a healthy relationship, the best thing you can do is have sex. Here are the 10 benefits of being sexually active!

Before anything, a quick message to all the men out there.

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The Sexual Health Benefits of Sex

1. It Could Ease Stress.

Many people wonder: does intimacy relieve stress? It’s often the last thing on a person’s mind because they have so many other things to consider. However, if you get in the mood, it can be a stress reliever. The act itself floods the brain with feel-good chemicals and reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.

Dopamine impacts your reward and pleasure centers in the brain, and the endorphins can reduce stress and pain. In a sense, you can lower your blood pressure and relax a little better.

Guys often like getting sucked, and there are even benefits of going down on a man. Getting him to orgasm will boost the endorphins and dopamine, which means he’ll likely have a better day!

intimacy relieve stress

2. It Boosts Mood.

Oxytocin can promote feelings of happiness and well-being. However, you don’t have to go at it like bunnies to enjoy the benefits. One study of 30,000 women and men from 1989 to 2012 found that sexual activity once a week while in a committed relationship made people happy.

It’s more than the act itself that brings about the benefits. Older adults who hug, kiss, hold hands, and stroke each other seemed to have a better quality of life.

Many people wonder: is arousal good for health? It seems like it is! Getting it on might ward off depression. Studies indicate that those who have intercourse with their partners have better or improved mental health. However, masturbation doesn’t assist with this.

Likewise, the boost doesn’t work for hookups and casual sex. A study of 7,500 college students in the US found that those who had hookups had less self-esteem and happiness with more anxiety and depression.

Though many people feel that men are often okay with casual sex, they also seemed to have a lower self-esteem!

3. A Healthy Sex Life Improves Sleep.

After an orgasm, the body releases prolactin, which is the hormone that relaxes you. The combination of the feel-good hormones and prolactin is why many people sleep well after sex.

To get more of the hormone prolactin, scientists suggest having orgasms with a partner. Research indicates that prolactin levels in women and men after intercourse could be about 400 percent higher than after masturbation.

Sleep deprivation affects about 1/3 of Americans and can impact sexual satisfaction. Those who got less than seven to eight hours of sleep each night were less likely to have an active sex life.

Likewise, sleep disorders can play a role. Those with obstructive sleep apnea have less sexual desire. This might be from them snoring or having periods of not breathing, and it affects men more than women. They must produce testosterone and require uninterrupted sleep. Without it, they could suffer from erectile dysfunction because of lower testosterone levels.

One of the most important women’s sexual health facts is that improving your sleep habits can mean high libido benefits. In a study from 2015, women who slept well wanted sex the next day. Overall, sleep is necessary for a healthy sexual life.

Sex improves sleep

4. Frequent Sex Can Boost Immunity.

Regular sex could help people fight off diseases. Researchers from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania asked college students in the US how often they had sex per week, comparing their immunoglobulin A levels. This antibody is found in saliva and is the first line of defense for the body.

Students who had sexual activity once/twice a week had higher salivary immunoglobulin levels, indicating that the immune system was improved.

There has been plenty of research conducted on the immune system and social support, as well. Therefore, it stands to reason that you may get sick less often because of the sex you’re having. Sexually active men and women can enjoy the physical activity and catch fewer colds!

For this reason, I join hook up apps and try to keep sexually active!

5. More Sex Can Decrease Your Risk of Prostate Cancer.

Frequent ejaculation could be linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer! The British Medical Journal published a study in 2004 that studied the sex lives of 50,000 American males. Those who had more frequent sex (21 ejaculations each month) were much less likely to develop prostate cancer.

There was a follow-up study done in 2016 that indicated the same results related to prostate cancer risk.

6. It Can Improve Heart Health.

Many people want to know: is making love healthy? Men who have sex twice a week are about 45 percent less likely to develop heart disease than those who only bang once a month or less. This study from the New England Research Institute took 17 years to complete and tracked the sex lives of 1,000 men, focusing on those with decent blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight levels.

Women also experience the same heart-healthy benefits of sex. One study from 2016 showed that women who had more sexual activity were at a lowered risk of hypertension, which is a precursor to heart disease.

The good news is that it’s not how vigorous the sex is or the number of orgasms that will predict the woman’s sexual satisfaction. She must feel close to the person she’s with, which is the key to her physical and emotional well-being. When that’s there, sexual frequency is often heightened.

7. It Enhances Intimacy.

Having more sex with a partner can give you more affection in life. Four studies in Switzerland and the US found that there was more affection when having sex. Though this happened in the moments right after sexual intimacy, it continued hours later. Likewise, couples who felt love after sex still had that feeling six months later.

Plus, sex doesn’t have to focus only on sexual intercourse. Anything erotic and sexually arousing will still produce those positive emotions. Clearly, there are many benefits of intimacy!

Enhances Intimacy

8. It Can Boost Cognitive Function.

Studies have shown that being sexually active into your old age will protect your brain’s functionality and might improve it. British researchers analyzed the information from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing and found that men who were sexually active from 50 to 89 had better cognitive function.

Women also experience similar benefits of making love every day, though number sequencing isn’t part of the equation.

9. It Will Limit Pain.

A few studies suggest that frequent sexual activity can reduce migraines, chronic leg and back pain, and menstrual cramps in women. Likewise, women who have sex more often will ultimately strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. They’re found around the bladder and uterus and can help with bladder control, vaginal pain, and incontinence.

Some people might believe that means there are benefits of having multiple partners. While you can sleep with more people to get pain reduction, that might wreak havoc on intimacy levels, mood, and more. Therefore, it might be wise to form a committed relationship with one person.

10. It Can Be a Form of Exercise.

There are clearly many benefits of love-making in marriage, but here’s one you may not have considered. Sexual activity can be a form of exercise! However, you should be healthy enough and do the deed for at least 30 minutes to see an improvement.

A study suggests that healthy, young couples burned about 85 calories per 30 minutes in bed, though men burned more than the women.

However, the level of intensity used during intercourse determines how many calories you can burn. Still, men can burn the same amount having sex as they would driving, bartending, or cooking.

In most cases, men and women will feel that a healthy sex life is more fun than traditional workout routines. They are still stretching their tendons and muscles, flexing the joints, increasing their heart rates, and raising blood pressure safely and for short periods of time.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Love Making – Final Thoughts

Sex is a crucial part of your life and overall health. In relationships, orgasms can help you bond with the other person. Likewise, you may experience various emotional and physical benefits of making love more often. For example, you could lower your risk of heart disease, improve your self-esteem, and so much more!

The sexual advantages don’t only focus on vaginal stimulation and intercourse. Masturbation can be just as healthy and good, though some research indicates that regular sex with another partner will bring more benefits with it.

However, sex should be part of your life because it can improve your emotional health, help with physical fitness, and even provide better sleep. Just make sure you’re healthy enough to enjoy it safely and understand what you like and want. Communication is key because the goal is stress reduction and not added anxiety about the bedroom.