Everything You Need to Know About Creampies – Enjoying the Intimacy Created

Though it might not be poetic, most humans throughout history came to be because of a particular aspect of sex – the penis ejaculates semen into the vagina, allowing the sperm to meet the egg and fertilize it.

There are many forms of sex out there, and they’re all quite fun and enjoyable. However, that one, in particular, sees tons of airplay because that’s how humans as a species reproduce.

Modern technology offers in-vitro fertilization, which makes unprotected sex unnecessary for reproduction. Likewise, prophylactic technology and birth control advancements from the 20th and 21st centuries make it so that everyone can essentially engage in unprotected sex without fearing pregnancy.

Ejaculating inside the vagina is often called a creampie. Sexual partners love to use other phrases for it, such as the internal cum shot or internal ejaculation. Regardless of which slang term you choose, it’s a fascinating act for most people, and it holds an erotic significance. In fact, some will say that it’s the most intimate form of sex because you don’t use a condom.

In the age when casual sex is normalized to such a degree that would have shocked people a few generations ago, condoms are just a part of life. That’s why a creampie feels like the last frontier for intimacy in many ways. Let’s learn more about it.

What’s a Creampie? (Anal Creampie, Vaginal Creampie, Etc.)

When you ask, “What is a creampie?” you’ll probably get different answers, depending on who you ask. Traditionally, the slang term is defined as ejaculating into a partner’s vagina during penis-in-vagina penetrative sex. In this instance, the vagina is a pie filled with semen (cream), and some of the white substance would ooze or drip out when you cut into it.

However, other people think that ejaculating inside a partner’s anus during penetrative sex will count as a creampie and is called an anal creampie. Likewise, if you ejaculate into the person’s mouth or into their throat after a blowjob, this might be referred to as a throatpie.

In most cases, creampiesex focuses on semen dripping from the orifice used in the sex act. However, some people don’t require the visible seeping and still call it a creampie as long as they ejaculate into a mouth, anus, or vagina.

Porn scenes featuring creampies often have the shot of semen dripping from the vagina to “prove” that a real ejaculation happened. However, the image is often faked to avoid pregnancy and STI transmission.

Creating a Cream Pie

It’s simple to create a creampie or money shot, which is another slang term for the deed. You won’t need porn-level agility or special training here. During penetrative sex (oral, anal, or vaginal), ejaculate without wearing a condom or pulling out.

You’ve successfully cum inside your partner’s anus, vagina, or mouth, creating a cream pie.

Some people feel that the dripping effect is a turn-on for them. If that’s the case for you, simply pull out slightly from your partner’s vagina while you orgasm to create the ooze of semen that makes the creampie.

Alternatively, the person receiving your creampie anally or vaginally could squeeze the pelvic muscles to create the gush themselves.

Oral creampies can still count, even if she doesn’t swallow. The recipient might use their fingers to play with the “cream” or semen, let it drip over the chin, or roll it around on the tongue before swallowing or spitting.

Likewise, a creampie can be enhanced or even created by cum lube. This product mimics realistic semen in a larger supply than the body can naturally produce itself.

Why Do Men Like a Cream Pie-filled Vagina or Anus?

Alice Vaughn is the co-host of a podcast called Two Girls One Mic: The Porncast. She says that it’s no secret why guys seek out creampie sex.

She went on to say that safe sex is definitely great and necessary in some cases. However, wearing a condom reduces the physical stimulation. Likewise, she noted that if you pull out of your partner’s vagina, you must actively prevent the cumming whenever it feels best to make it work.

Psychological Reasons

physical sensations

Outside of the physical sensations provided by unprotected sex and the freedom to continue thrusting as you climax, there are many psychological reasons why the male ejaculates inside their partner.

Some guys don’t like the creampie, but those who do have varying reasons for that. They might want to have sex in a more natural way. That internal cum shot is an instinctual and primal thing, and you have a feeling of satisfaction when you see the visible seeping of cum from a partner’s anus or vagina.

However, ejaculating inside your sexual partner without a condom could lead to pregnancy or STI transmission. There’s a certain risk factor involved, and that’s a huge turn-on for some men.

Some guys just prefer the absence of condoms. There’s the added freedom feeling because you’re not worried about the potential impact it could bring to you and your partner.

With modern technology and birth control, there are more responsible ways of planning to get pregnant. Therefore, most men wear condoms or pull out during sex. A creampie is now a rare occurrence, which increases the eroticism of having them and enjoying them.

Sometimes, men want to have a creampie because the rarity that comes with it poses an exciting or shocking aspect. The taboo of risky sex can be a huge turn-on.

Overall, there are many reasons to enjoy the creampie. At the end of the day, it depends on the couple and each individual person.

Do Women Like Creampies?

You might be wondering if women like a good creampie or think it might only be a male thing. However, women often find them hot, and it could be a turn-on for them.

As with everything in life, nothing is universal. Therefore, not every woman will enjoy or want that internal cum shot. Some do!

Simply put, anal and vaginal creampies have the male ejaculating inside, and they can see it. Likewise, some women will feel it in them. They may also enjoy the dripping feeling from the anus or vagina.

Why Women Like a Cream Pie-filled Vagina or Anus

The reasons people enjoy certain things during sex vary and depend on those involved. Creampies are no exception here. They’re a popular conversation topic in many adult forums related to sex.

Here are some of the reasons why women like internal ejaculation:

  • They help with intimacy and create a connection with the partner. The male ejaculates inside the vagina, which can be a risk factor for pregnancy.
  • A creampie might be some sort of power dynamic play during sex. When a partner cums inside, it signifies that the woman is marked or owned by them. Some women find that very hot.
  • When cum seeps out of the woman’s body, they might have a sense of being dirty or getting used. That can heighten arousal and be sexually appealing.

Most women still see the creampie as a “fringe” sex act, but they aren’t as taboo as you think. Pornhub released its top search terms in 2017, and many states had “creampie” as the first.

What Does a Creampie Feel Like?

There’s a giver and a receiver when it comes to experiencing a creampie. Many guys prefer them because they don’t have to wear a condom, and that feels better.

Everyone understands that condoms are crucial for safety, but if there’s the option to skip putting them on, most people will.

Those on the receiving end might like how the internal ejaculation feels within their body. As it oozes out, it will create a new sensation that many women have never experienced before.

Though women can’t see the results of the creampie, they often like to get them.

Still, that’s only part of how the creampie feels. There’s an emotional component to this act, and most people talk about that in different sex forums.

You often feel a deeper connection with your partner after ejaculating and orgasming. Both of your bodies are calming down from the intense workout and sweet release. The penis might twitch, and the vagina or anus will likely contract. In that moment, men feel they’ve given a special part of themselves, and women believe they have taken everything the man can offer.

A creampie might signify that the couple has a higher level of intimacy, too. The woman is allowing her partner to put their body fluids into her, and that’s a huge sign of connection and commitment for some.

However, creampies have been fetishized, so there’s the kink power dynamic and taboo feeling. Marking your partner with semen is a huge power kick. Likewise, ordering someone (with consent) to suck, taste, or consume the ejaculate can be a turn-on for both.

Many times, drinking the cum is part of the creampie experience. It’s called felching (penetrative sex) or snowballing (oral sex with a French kiss afterward).

Going hard during sex to where the jizz pours out of the woman can also be a turn-on. It was so messy and sloppy because you two were like animals. Likewise, some people get hot and bothered because they think that slutty people put themselves into such a position which can defy societal norms and expectations.

Is a Creampie Safe?

Regardless of the slang term you choose, a creampie means that a full ejaculatory load gets deposited into the other person’s body. If you want to give or receive one, you should take precautions based on personal risks and concerns.

You’ll be having condomless sex, so make sure you understand that STI transmission is a possibility. Consider talking to your partner first. Both of you should be tested for STDs, which can get transmitted through any form of unprotected sex.

If you don’t wish to get pregnant and use condoms as your main contraceptive, it’s best to think of other birth control options or not have vaginal creampies. The creampie could be an option for oral or anal sex.

However, if you’re worried about your partner having an STI or STD, it might be wise to avoid the creampie scene all together. You could still get the same effects by using a sex toy or ejaculating dildo. It’s not the same, but it could be a decent substitute so that you both stay safe.

The Semen Dripping Out in a Post-Roe America

Unfortunately, many people find the creampie erotic. However, The US Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade in 2022. Therefore, ejaculating inside of someone who could get pregnant is a real concern.

Creampie impregnation is a huge concern nowadays, especially with the post-Roe reality many people find themselves in. If you’re living in an anti-choice state, you may end up pregnant with few options available.

In the US, abortions are difficult to access. Many states have made it illegal, writing laws that can lead to jail time for both parties who have one. Likewise, the legislation isn’t clear on leaving the state for the procedure and coming back home.

Therefore, unprotected sex with a woman who could become pregnant means higher chances of life-altering consequences later. It’s important to determine if you’re ready for such a commitment after only a few moments of sexual pleasure.

It is never okay to creampie someone without their express consent. However, if you live in a state that has banned abortions after Roe was overturned, you shouldn’t do it even with consent, especially if you don’t know whether they’re on birth control pills or have an IUD.

Finally, if you really wish to explore creampie sex and are in a committed relationship, it’s wise not to use a hormonal birth control, such as the pill. Instead, you need a higher-efficacy birth control form to avoid pregnancy and enjoy your creampie. An IUD is often the best solution.

Creampies and the Porn Industry

There are many ways for a creampie to be exciting or erotic, whether you’re receiving or giving. Therefore, it’s no shock that pornographic films often contain creampie scenes.

If you look at the annual report for Pornhub during the last five years, the search term “creampie” came up a lot. Worldwide, it was ranked between the 20th and 16th.

When you think about sexual desire, it’s hard to know whether that erotic material you seek out will consume your preferences or not. However, if you like creampie scenes for whatever reason, you’ll likely watch the porn and consider the idea of doing it in real life.

You should note that creampie scenes are very common in porn, but they aren’t always real.

Porn is primarily a visual medium, and the creampie focuses on the moment of ejaculation. This often happens outside of the camera’s sight, so there’s more pressure to provide a visual payoff. That usually means faking the creampie shot.

The creampie scene could be faked with any type of moisturizer if the actress isn’t using birth control. However, that’s not a common method. Sometimes, the producers make fake cum to make the man’s load look big.

Regardless, the talent knows ahead of time if that scene will need it to ensure that they’re comfortable.

That also brings me to talk about forced cream pie porn. When you watch these videos online or on DVD, everything looks real. However, all of the creampie scenes are faked. Most porn star actresses don’t want to get pregnant for simply doing their jobs. Likewise, these women are paid to do what the script says. They know about it and consent to the rape fetish beforehand.

How to Talk About Creampies with Your Partner

If you’ve watched porn or read erotica stories about the creampie and want to experience it yourself, you must talk to your partner about it first.

Without enthusiastic and full consent from her, internal ejaculation is similar to rape. You’re violating her personal preferences and rights.

Regardless of the person’s hesitation about a creampie, it’s a valid reason. Some partners don’t like the creampie because they don’t enjoy the ejaculate on or in the body. They might be concerned about STIs and pregnancy. Likewise, some women just won’t like it, and they don’t even need to have a reason.

If you’re obsessed with the creampie as the penetrating partner, you should remember that it’s not only your decision to make. You’d want a final say on what might affect your body, so you should extend the same respect to your partner.

However, it’s possible to have the creampie discussion respectfully, and you might find that your partner is into it, too.

Be honest and open with them, and tell them that you want to cum inside them. It’s often easier to start this conversation after you’ve built trust with them.

Generally, it’s important to talk about it while discussing your love life and not during sex.

Not in the Middle of the Act

It’s never a good idea to negotiate the creampie right before you cum or as you begin the act. You should make sure that you both have time to weigh the pros and cons and get on the same page. While it can be exciting to imagine in the heat of the moment, you both should treat it with more care.

Your partner might be open to the idea or say yes. However, you shouldn’t stop there. Explain to her about your reason for liking creampies and get her input, as well.

Once you have enthusiastic and explicit consent before the sexual encounter, talk about what will make it hotter for both parties. She might like the taboo feeling it offers or the pregnancy risk. You two might enjoy consensual forcing to get you excited. Maybe both partners like the primal feeling it brings and want that for your life.

All of that is the pre-game dirty talk. You can negotiate all the details of the creampie as part of the foreplay.

Above all, listen to what your partner says, answer any questions they have, and be honest. If they still say no, respect their decision.

What Should You Do If Your Partner Doesn’t Like Creampies?

partner intimacy

Creampies come with many risks involved, so that might be completely off the table at the present time. You can bring up the creampie subject again, but it’s best to give your partner time.

You have to accept it if they say no and respect the decision. Even if they aren’t fearful of pregnancy or STIs, they don’t have to agree to your desire.

If you’re serious about seeing the visible seeping of your cum out of their vagina or anus, be patient. They could warm up to that idea. People’s comfort levels and appetites change over time, so they might evolve.

In most cases, a long-term relationship with your partner can get them to change their mind. However, you never want to pressure them into doing something because that violates consent. They might think that you’re pushing them, which turns them off or makes them feel unsafe around you.

However, waiting a few months or years could make them more willing to test the waters or feel differently about it.

There are other methods to get the same thrill, especially if your partner says, “not now.” Whether you focus on the psychological or physical experience of ejaculating into someone, you can find ways to make it feel good.

How else might you get a creampie without a partner? You could use a sex toy as a stand-in to see the ejaculate come out of a masturbator. Though not the same, it might be a great alternative.

Another possibility is to ejaculate into a condom while penetrating your lover. You two can also use dirty talk to work creampie conversations into the act without engaging in it. Sexting might also be a way to talk about creampies.

Though the vision of a creampie in pornographic films can be erotic, porn is a fantasy world played out by professionals. The cum might not be real, or the ejaculation could be faked completely.

Should You Try This Sex Act?

If you’ve watched enough pornographic films, you’ve probably seen a cream pie or two and thought that it might be something to try for yourself. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons, talk to your partner openly, and be willing to wait or try alternatives if they aren’t ready.