Which Cum Lube Is the Best? Find out Today

The sex toy industry is a diverse and vast ocean that could be jarring to enter if you’re unfamiliar. Some people could even find it disgusting if they have puritanical tastes. However, that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from blossoming out and covering almost any kinky play fantasy a woman and man could have.

Therefore, the idea of fake semen is prevalent in the world of role-playing and fantasy. The concept of replicating ejaculate for the simple carnal pleasure it offers is a goal of many people. Some have even gone as far as making their own edible cum lube.

The idea of fake semen should mimic the viscosity, texture, and color of real cum. You get bonus points if it tastes good and is edible, as well. Overall, the taste department is what most manufacturers can’t recreate to this day.

Generally, fake cum doubles as a fake semen lube, as well. Therefore, it serves a wide variety of purposes in this day and age.

Some people will put the cum lube into a squirting dildo to recreate the experience of being ejaculated onto or into.

Others simply like how it looks. They want to heighten their sexual pleasure and experience while giving some lubrication.

We have dived deeply into this world so that you don’t have to do it alone. You can find information about the best cum lubes right below. Then, we’ll explain more about them and how to choose an appropriate product for you and your partner.

Quick Breakdown of the Cum Lube Options:

  • Master Series Jizz – This is a semen-scented, water-based lubricant that’s compatible with all types of sex toys.
  • Doc Johnson Nutt Butter – This is translucent in nature, and the water-silicone hybrid lubricant has no or little scent.
  • Bad Dragon Cum Lube – This is a water-based formula that’s compatible with sex toys and condoms. Plus, it’s odorless and tasteless.
  • Squirtz Cum Lube – This is 100 percent condom and toy compatible and features an unflavored and unscented water-based formula.
  • Spunk Lube – This lube features a non-staining, hypoallergenic formula that’s lightly scented.

The Five Best Cum Lubes

Are you ready to figure out the best cum lube based on your needs? Let’s dive in to see the top five options!

Master Series Jizz

Master Series Jizz

The Master Series Jizz product is a water-based cum lube, and it’s interesting because it’s also semen scented. Some very bored scientists got together to distill the essence of cum into a single chemical smell. Then, they realized the best way to replicate it!

This scent has been tested in use. If you smell it directly from your bottle, you might get overpowered!

Cum lubes like this are amazing because they’ll wash out quickly, don’t degrade condoms (which is great for protected sex), and work with all types of sex toys.

When you pour it out of the bottle, it’s very white, but it also achieves the right level of clearness. In fact, I’d say it was spot-on for viscosity, and the scent is just undeniably cum. Likewise, the cum lube isn’t as sticky as what comes out of the penis, and it’s very slick. Therefore, you can use it as a lubricant with no problem!

Overall, it’s easy to clean and looks extremely real. However, it doesn’t taste like cum. Therefore, I’ll say (and I mean it wholeheartedly) that you don’t want any of it in your mouth. It’s awful!

Doc Johnson Nutt Butter

Doc Johnson Nutt Butter

Doc Johnson has a water-silicone hybrid lube available that replicates ejaculate extremely well.

When you rub the hybrid lube between your fingers, you notice a huge difference from the water-based options. It also gets closer to the strange texture of real semen when doing the same thing.

Though it’s not as white as other cum lubes, you can’t see through it if you have enough in one place. In that regard, it’s similar to the semen in a man who hydrates effectively. Overall, I’m saying here that it’s translucent.

Likewise, this fake semen lube is body safe, but you can’t use it with your favorite silicone toys. Still, it doesn’t have any scent and won’t stain.

Overall, this cum lube is a favorite with transgender people who wish to replicate the realistic ejaculate for their sex life because it offers the most realistic feeling of all jizz lube products.

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Bad Dragon Cum Lube

Bad Dragon Cum Lube

The next entry for fake semen lube is the Bad Dragon Cum Lube. It boasts of a fantastic consistency and texture because of the water-based formula. Therefore, it’s a good choice for those who have pearl necklace or bukkake fantasies. They’ll be satisfied without having to organize a real orgy.

This cum lube is unscented and is very delicate on your skin. If you’re worried you could be allergic to these types of products, this one will likely be right for you.

These water-based lubes often fare better in the longevity and slickness departments than others because the consistency is similar to actual cum. Plus, it’s a long-lasting lube that’s compatible with all sex toys and condoms. If your goal is to play with an ejaculating dildo, you’ll find that this one is the top choice.

Overall, it’s unflavored and unscented. I’d say that the flavor itself is unappealing because it simply tastes plain and nothing like cum.

Squirtz Cum Lube

Squirtz Cum Lube

For those who prefer an unscented or unflavored option but still want the feel and look without the undesirable aspects of semen, Squirtz Cum Lube is the right product for you.

It’s completely water-based, and a dime-sized squirt goes further than you think. If you want it for cum as a lubricant, don’t over-apply it. I feel it’s a better lube than eye candy, but it does pretty well on both accounts.

Overall, it’s likely the easiest of all to clean, which is a huge plus if you get carried away or just want to use a lot. Plus, it’s not runny; you get the perfect spread as the money shot would produce.

If you’re into anal sex, the water-based formula is excellent and gentle enough on your skin. Therefore, if your goal is to find a realistic cum lube, you should be satisfied.

Squirtz is fully condom-compatible and toy safe, so you can use it however you want. If you need something unscented that still smells, looks, tastes, and feels like cum, it’s worth checking out this product! It’s fantastic just as a lubricant, so that’s a plus here as well.

Spunk Hybrid Cum Lube

Spunk hybrid cum lube

Most silicone-based lubricants aren’t ideal because there could be interactions with condoms and toys. While the others on the list held some subtlety, you can easily look at the Spunk Lube bottle to know what you’ll get.

This is called a hybrid lube because it’s a mixture of silicone- and water-based lubricant. Therefore, it’s something in between them. That means it will last longer than water-only options, but the consistency is creamier. Just note that it’s incompatible with silicone toys and most condom materials.

Spunk Lube won’t stain your sheets or your body. However, it’s slightly scented. I’d say it doesn’t smell like cum but more like debauchery. Likewise, it’s unappealing in the flavor department.

I will say it’s the best hybrid cum lube if your goal is to mimic the real thing, and it’s slightly better at nailing the cum attributes compared to those water-based lubricants. Plus, you can wash it off yourself easily.

There’s a slight stickiness to this hybrid cum lube, and the consistency, thickness, and texture are similar to the real thing. Therefore, we applaud the manufacturer for this.

Most people say there’s no taste at all with this cum lube. However, I wouldn’t recommend that you eat tons of it.

Do You Use Cum Lube in a Squirting Dildo? What’s Cum Lube?

Fake cum lube is pretty much what you think of when you hear the phrase: it’s a lubricant that resembles real semen. Therefore, it features the texture and color of cum, and it might even extend to the taste and smell.

Why would anyone make something like this? The obvious reason is that people like playing with cum, and they’ll use fake cum when that’s all that’s available.

There are other reasons, of course. Some might want those squirting dildos to ejaculate fake cum that seems like the real thing.

As a side note, those who wish to see what squirting dildos are all about might want to consider the Doc Johnson Bust It. It’s realistic and features veins, balls, and skin. Plus, there’s a suction cup base for hands-free fun. You even get a tube of fake cum, and it’s a hybrid lube.

Overall, you can also use it if you want to see bigger loads for the perfect cumshot.

Cum lube is prevalent in the porn industry. You’ve likely seen impressive loads from men, and most of them aren’t real. Fake cum products make it so much easier to jizz forever.

Warming up Cum Lube

If you want the cum lube to look like actual cum, you might prefer to use it slightly warm. The first thought to pop into your head was to put the entire bottle in the microwave. However, that’s a very bad idea!

The bottle itself might not be microwave-safe. Likewise, the machine probably won’t heat things up evenly. To make it all worse, you might overheat the water-based or silicone lubricant too much, and that would be very bad, regardless of whether you were having vaginal or anal sex!

What do you do, then? Here’s an easy and quick solution:

Warm a bowl of water in the microwave or on the stove. Then, put the fake jizz bottle into the water, waiting for it to get as hot as you want.

Those who aren’t sure or worry about getting it too hot can try a warming lube that’s designed specifically for that purpose. It will have the silky texture of cum, but it probably won’t feature the other characteristics of actual semen. Still, it’s safer!

What to Know About Using Condoms with Cum Lube

If you plan to use cum lube with a condom, be mindful of the product you choose. You might end up damaging your condom and have a big mess on your hands.

Oil-based lubricants often weaken latex, which will cause the condom to break if it’s put under stress. Therefore, you should probably stick with a water-based cum lube. It won’t react to the materials or tear the rubber while you’re having vaginal sex.

A hybrid option might also work well. It takes the best of both worlds. Therefore, it’s long-lasting because of the silicone, but it’s safe for condom use because it’s also a water-based lube. Plus, it can look and feel like actual semen.

Silicone Lube and Silicone Sex Toys

While we’re talking about dangerous pairings, I should tell you that silicone lubricant can corrode certain silicone toys. However, high-quality sex toys will be safe. It’s usually best to patch test on your toy (where you don’t insert it into your body) to see how it will react.

If you’re still worried about cum lubes doing damage to your favorite sex toys, you can always create edible fake cum. You know it’s water-based and won’t hurt anything. Just remember that it might not work as lube.

What to Consider When Looking for Cum Lube

You’ve probably never shopped for cum lubes before, and you may be surprised to see that the market has a good selection of these types of products. Still, you’re clueless about the distinctions between them, so I’ve checked out the important things to determine quality:

  • Ingredients – Before you do anything else, look at the list of ingredients in the product. High-quality cum lube should be made with body-safe things that won’t irritate your skin. If you’re allergic to some things and you think you might have a bad reaction, ensure that the allergen isn’t included. Likewise, you should choose products that have no artificial scents, harsh chemicals, endocrine disruptors, and colorants. Many clean formulas are now readily available!
  • Water, Silicone, or Oil – Lubricants come as water-, oil-, or silicone-based. The category you choose determines if sex toys can be used with them. If you have many toys, you want a water-based lube. Silicone products might eat away at the sex toy.
  • Condom Compatibility – Just like some cum lubes could cause damage to your sex toy, others might eat away at the condom. If your primary goal is on safe sex (and it should be), you need a water-based lube. Once again, this is the safest bet.
  • Realism and Consistency – Cum lube should always feel and look like real semen. For that purpose, it must be the right texture, color, and thickness. Some realistic cum lubes even smell like real cum! You’ll want something slightly stringy to make a lube that looks like cum. If you purchase the product online, it’s hard to distinguish if your item has those qualities. However, most manufacturers have online videos, and users will leave reviews. Check out those things to get an idea of what you can expect.
  • Cleaning Ease – This is crucial if you’re putting the lube into a hollow dildo. If the product is oily, it will be harder to fully clean when you’re done with the fun. Those who use a sex toy often might find it a pain in the rear end and may decide to go with another brand.
  • Staining – Cum lube often features a white color, which could stain your clothes or sheets, especially if you use enough. Some water-based options indicate that they have a non-staining formula, so they’re convenient and practical. Just make sure you read reviews to ensure that’s true.
  • Taste – Some people want their cum lube to be part of their oral sex fantasies. If you want to use the product that way, it should definitely taste good. Some products are high quality and body-safe, but they might lack in the taste department.
  • Good Lubrication – Having something that looks real is only part of the story. You also want it to be lubricating! Think of what sex acts you’ll use it for and research the lube’s properties. For example, if you want it for anal sex, it should be extremely slick to the touch. The same applies to menopausal women and those who have trouble “getting wet” down there (natural lubrication). This is a common problem, and you wish to be comfortable during your sex session. Whether you’re pregnant or experience hormonal fluctuations all the time, your most sensitive skin needs to be lubricated enough for fun.
  • Little Goes a Long Way – The best cum lubes on the market give you tons of fun use from one bottle. In fact, a small amount of a decent lube should last a long time so that you get the semen effect you want and pleasant sex that’s slippery. You also have to think about the number of times you must reapply the lube during sex. Some products will dry out quickly. That’s never a good thing, so you need to understand that before buying something that will sit in your medicine cabinet and not be used. Overall, to get the best value for money, you must focus on a cum lube that’s properly formulated for longer use and is economical. I’d say that silicone- and oil-based lubes will provide the best results in that department.

Conclusion – Focus on Cum Lube

You’ve learned about the best cum lubes today, but we do want to point out that you can find recipes for your own fake cum lube. We have plenty of guides that focus on that aspect.

I’d say that many people prefer to make fake cum lube because they know what’s in it. Plus, you can change the taste slightly to make it fit your preferences.

Regardless, you now know the top five products out there. We feel that Master Series is the best cum lube of them all because it works with silicone sex toys, smells like semen, and is water-based.

If you want realistic cum, Master Series is the top choice for jizz lube. While Bad Dragon has many followers, it seemed stringy and wasn’t easy to clean. Therefore, it wasn’t ideal.

Those who want to liven things up in the bedroom or have semen fetishes now know what jizz lube is suitable for them. Make sure you choose water-based products if you hope to use them in an ejaculating dildo.

Though the hybrids claim to be compatible with silicone toys, it’s to be used at your own risk. Silicone lubricant is known for breaking down sex toys, and you don’t want to ruin your favorites.