How to Shoot Bigger Loads of Semen!

In this article, I answer the question “how to shoot bigger loads” and I will also cover a bunch of other facts about ejaculating more. After reading this, you will understand how volume pills can help, the ingredients of these types of supplements, the time it takes for your body to produce semen, the cost of semen pills, who the pills are for, and last but not least, how to buy them. Want to get right down to business and purchase the pills that work best? No problem, just click here!


How To Have A Bigger Load Everyday & Everytime

Most men want to shoot bigger loads of cum like a porn star these days. It’s true that pornography will make you think you have to do it a certain way.

You’re probably thinking: porn stars do it, so why can’t I?

I wanted to know if a man could increase semen volume during ejaculation. First, I tried natural and free methods, such as drinking more water, eating foods that would raise testosterone levels, doing Kegel exercises, not masturbating each day, getting enough sleep, and all the rest.

The issue is I didn’t see a better semen quality. Though I probably didn’t have fewer sperm cells because of all that, it didn’t really help me shoot that big load. What did I use instead? Volume Pills! I’ll explain more about them below.

Volume Pills Will Increase Semen Volume

Since the free stuff didn’t help me, I had to move on to methods that cost money. Trust me, if you want to have bigger loads, then you’ll do what it takes including taking supplements. Dietary supplements are often called semen volume enhancers, and they’re everywhere on the market.

I did all the research necessary and chose Volume Pills. Part of the reason was the name, but also, Leading Edge Health manufactures the pills, and this is a reputable company.

Before taking the pills, I had an ejaculation volume of about 3.9 milliliters, which is what the average guy shoots. After using the product for just 90 days, I saw a bigger load.

Knowing how much semen you generally produce is important because you need a way to measure the success of the pills. To be honest, it took time for these Volume Pills to work. Don’t expect results overnight; I waited a few weeks.

However, things started moving faster. In the second month, I noticed a huge difference in the volume of semen I produced. At the end of my third month, I experienced the full effects, which meant a huge load coming out of my penis and a harder erection.

Semen Production

I’m pretty sure that all porn stars use Volume Pills (or something similar) to cum more!

Ingredients in These Dietary Supplements

Volume Pills uses a combination of ingredients from South America, China, and Europe. Scientists have studied them, and the native people in those countries have used them for many centuries. In fact, they’re proven to boost sperm quality and might even help your semen taste better!

The ingredients include:

  • Apigenin – This will help your body deal with cognition and circulation. In fact, it has antioxidant properties, and it will regulate your hormones and protect your overall health.
  • Zinc Gluconate – Zinc is a mineral that your body requires for functionality. It will also improve sperm motility and production and even enhance your sexual performance.
  • Xian Mao – This is an aphrodisiac that improves a person’s sexual well-being. It can also boost your sex drive and give you stronger orgasms.
  • Solidilin – This will help you get in the mood for sex, but it also stimulates more dopamine production in your body. Therefore, you’ll feel more satisfied.
  • Dong Chong Xia Cao – This is a fungus that’s been used by the Chinese for centuries. It will improve your quantity and quality of sperm and even raise testosterone levels.
  • Emblica Officinalis – This could enhance your fertility, libido, and sexual function and has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Drilizen – This is found in many supplements, though it hasn’t been studied enough to know its efficacy. It will help your body release more nitric oxide.
  • Tian Men Dong – This could stimulate your sexual desire and improve your erections.
  • Fucus Vesiculosus – Called sea oak, it will help you regulate your metabolism and lower insulin levels.

Semen Production Increases Take Time

It’s true that training your pelvic floor muscles can increase semen production over time, but it’s not enough. Use the pills each day to improve semen volume and boost testosterone levels.

Since Volume Pills uses all-natural ingredients, there won’t be any side effects, and you can use the pills forever. You’ll never become addicted or build up a tolerance to them!

There are plenty of minerals, amino acids, and herbal extracts used, and they come from everywhere in the world. However, South America and Asia are the primary ones. The ingredients go through a thorough test to ensure that they’re high quality, so they will promote better blood flow and all the rest.

That said, the pills aren’t really cheap. However, they’re natural and will help you perform well in bed, so they’re worth a shot.

How Much Do Semen Pills Cost?

The price you pay depends on how many bottles you purchase. I usually recommend buying a few because one bottle equals a one-month supply. It can get expensive if you do that, and you’ll need to use the product for longer than one month to achieve results.

My advice: Buy three bottles at once. It will cost about the same as vegan protein powder and will help you boost sperm volume in ways that other products can’t.

The Refund Policy from Leading Edge Health

There are plenty of benefits of purchasing Volume Pills, but one of them is that Leading Edge Health sells and manufactures them. The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. That means you will be satisfied for sure.

You don’t have to fear that the company will give you problems over getting a refund. It has no unresolved complaints on the BBB website, which is why the agency gave it an A+ rating.

Those who are looking at increasing semen volume should try Volume Pills. I recommend the product because I’ve used it and have seen results.

Who Should Take Volume Pills?

Volume Pills can be used by any man who wants to cum bigger loads and promote their sexual health. You’ll achieve more intense orgasms, longer-lasting orgasms, and more semen.

If you wish to improve your sex life, Volume Pills will help you!

Increase Your Sperm Count with Volume Pills Today

All men want to shoot out a huge load each time they have sex. It’s a natural need, but it might be hard to achieve without help.

Though some men think it’s all about the sperm count, it’s more about semen. You learned about Volume Pills and how they can help you! Now, it’s time to buy some and experience the difference!