How to Increase Ejaculation Distance – (Life Hacks Revealed)

Most men want to ejaculate just like a porn star. The males in the business are pretty much required to have on-demand and explosive orgasms, and a weak ejaculation is definitely an issue.

However, porn stars weren’t born knowing how to ejaculate more cum. They worked hard to get where they are and might even use supplements to produce the great money shot.

Today, you’ll learn what factors determine semen volume and ways to increase ejaculation volume and distance.

If you focus on doing the things below, I guarantee you’ll see a huge difference in your orgasm strength and how much semen volume you can produce.

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Strengthening Pelvic Floor Muscles Might Improve Distance and Ejaculate Volume

Kegel exercises are where you clench and relax the pelvic floor muscles. Most porn stars do them all the time.

Your pelvic muscles support the bladder and prevent urinary incontinence. However, they can also make your ejaculatory volume more powerful.

Before doing Kegel exercises, you must locate the pelvic muscles to use. Just imagine that you’re urinating, but you must suddenly stop. The clench you do is the Kegel.

These pelvic floor exercises should be repeated 10 to 20 times per day. However, you probably won’t improve ejaculation distance immediately. You must train the pelvic muscles over time to increase the volume of semen you get.

Do these exercises anytime and anywhere, such as when you’re lying in bed, watching television, and sitting at work. Just make sure you don’t hold your breath.

Hold the Kegel for about three seconds, release it, and rest for the same amount of time. Repeat that up to 20 times per day.

You’ll find that you can improve ejaculatory volume and power and possibly even prevent health problems over time.

Strong Core Muscles for Better Sex

Strong Core Muscles

It takes some work to strengthen your core muscles, but it will help you have a more powerful ejaculation distance.

The core muscles are found within the torso and help stabilize your pelvis and spine. When they’re strong, you will reduce back pain and improve your posture.

There are three key methods for strengthening the core muscles for a better sexual performance: power, endurance, and stability.

You should focus more on stability training first to improve your balance and give you more control as you reach orgasm. Side bridges, planks, and bird dogs are some of the most popular exercises to consider.

Endurance training is crucial for sexual stamina. Most people believe that cardiovascular workouts are best for improving endurance, but resistance training is just as effective. They target your fast-twitch muscles, which help you produce powerful and quick movements.

I recommend using circuit training with just your body weight in the beginning. You can switch to light dumbbells as you get stronger. This will boost your heart rate and build muscle.

The last focus is on power training, which will ensure you thrust harder and deeper during sex. You can use barbells, dumbbells, your body weight, or medicine balls. Box jumps, jump squats, and push-ups are also effective.

Most men don’t believe their core muscles are that important for sex, but they’re crucial. Strengthening them will improve your bedroom performance and ensure that you feel confident.

Supplements to Boost Semen Volume

The adult film industry is full of male porn stars who take chemical and natural supplements to increase ejaculation volume and distance. However, I’ll focus on the natural ones.

These pills are filled with minerals, herbs, and amino acids that will stimulate more semen production. Anyone can buy them, and you don’t require a doctor’s prescription because they’re natural. However, I do recommend that you seek professional medical advice before taking anything new.

Many porn stars take natural supplements to help them increase their ejaculation volume. They’re obsessed with health and don’t like pharmaceuticals.

I’ve found that the most popular brand is Volume Pills. This is an all-natural supplement you’ll take daily. The ingredients stimulate the body into creating more semen. It’s got great things in it, such as horny goat weed and zinc.

These pills are primarily used to help guys ejaculate a huge load, and they’re very popular with adult film stars. Like other natural products, the Volume Pills won’t work immediately. It might take a few weeks or longer to build up in your system.

Guys love Volume Pills because the product doesn’t produce any negative side effects. Plus, they can easily increase sperm volume and their volume of ejaculate.

While Volume Pills isn’t cheap, the company offers a two-month trial period. You can return the bottles and get a refund if you’re unsatisfied.

Leading Edge Health manufactures Volume Pills, and the brand has been around for about 20 years. In fact, the Better Business Bureau gives it an A+ rating, so you know it will honor its money-back guarantee. You won’t waste your hard-earned dough. The pills will help with your sexual stimulation, or you will get a refund.

Food for Distance, Volume, and Sperm Count

You’ve probably heard the saying that “you are what you eat.” That means if you hope to ejaculate semen like the porn stars, you should eat a healthy diet full of “sex food.”

There’s plenty of research out there showing how certain foods will impact your male sexual health and sexual function.

For example, spinach, kale, and other dark leafy greens have magnesium and folate, which your body needs. These are great for male sexual health as they improve your blood flow and ensure that the nervous system runs proficiently.

Magnesium will also boost testosterone levels.

Along with dark leafy greens, you also need to consume watermelon, berries, and fatty fish to give you a hard erection. Watermelon is great because it has citrulline, an amino acid that improves blood flow, as well.

If you only have an average volume of semen or create less semen than others, you really have to think about what you put in your body. Foods rich in antioxidants and protein will improve your overall health and put you at a reduced risk of heart disease and other problems.

However, it’s wise to stay away from foods that will decrease semen volume, such as anything fried and junk foods.

Zinc Is the Ultimate Mineral for Sexual Health

Zinc is crucial for many bodily functions, such as fertility, immune system functionality, and cell growth. However, it also helps with cognitive function and can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and other age-related conditions.

You should note that zinc can also improve sexual health, as the sperm stays healthy. Plus, you can reduce your risk of male infertility.

Without zinc in your diet, you can see a lower semen volume or even erectile dysfunction. Men often have lower levels than women, so they tend to experience a zinc deficiency.

To increase your sexual stamina and semen volume, consume foods high in zinc, such as oysters, lamb, beef, pumpkin seeds, poultry, dark chocolate, and more.

Almonds Will Help Men Cum Far

If you’re behind the scenes of an adult film, you will probably see many porn actors eating almonds. It’s a low-calorie and nutritious snack that will help your sexual health.

Almonds have tons of healthy fats and vitamin E, which are crucial to your body. They will increase your semen production and boost testosterone levels. This is crucial because testosterone is responsible for the sexual and physical characteristics that define all men.

Likewise, vitamin E and healthy fats will protect you from cardiovascular issues and improve your circulation. This might impact your sexual performance and overall energy levels.

Plus, these nutrients will help you maintain your blood sugar levels. Make sure you consume them as part of a balanced diet!

Reduce Your Ejaculation Frequency

Most guys don’t think about ejaculation frequency, but it plays a part in the volume of semen you produce. When you have sex daily or multiple times per day, your body doesn’t have enough time to catch up.

Abstaining from sex for one to three days will cause the semen to build up more. You’ll have more ejaculatory power and a bigger semen load because of that.

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A Note about Erectile Dysfunction, Retrograde Ejaculation, and Premature Ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation means that the semen moves into your bladder instead of from your penis. Less semen comes out because of that, though you can still reach orgasm and feel the same sensations. In some cases, men don’t produce ejaculate at all.

That won’t affect your ability to cum, but it might mean you can’t get a woman pregnant. If you’re trying to conceive, you may be unable to do so.

There are many issues that contribute to or cause retrograde ejaculation, such as:

  • Mental health medications
  • Medicines for urethra and prostate issues
  • Complications after bladder or prostate gland surgery
  • Certain medical conditions (diabetes, etc.)

Those who have premature ejaculation may also notice a huge difference in how much they shoot out. With this condition, you simply ejaculate sooner than you intended. This might not hurt you, but your partner might become sexually dissatisfied if it continues to happen.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) happens when you can’t get an erection at all, or it doesn’t stay firm enough for sex. You might experience a weak ejaculation or not cum at all, which can be stressful and interrupt your relationship with your partner. Most men become self-conscious and might even avoid sex intentionally.

Age Plays a Role in Ejaculate Volume Produced

Another cause for low ejaculate volume or weak ejaculation is getting older. It’s common for sperm production to decline while you age, so you might not cum as much because of it.

Generally, men reach their sexual peak for semen volume in their 30s. After that, the amount you produce gradually declines each day.

Other Causes of Low Ejaculation Distance

The primary issues that relate to lower distances and semen production include retrograde ejaculation, ED, age, and when you last ejaculated. However, those aren’t the only things. Here are some other factors to think about:

  • Nutrient intake and eating habits
  • Genetic factors
  • Overall well-being and health
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Excessive drinking

Sperm Count vs. Semen Quality

Most men are confused about sperm count and semen volume. Both are ejaculated during the male orgasm, but they’re different!

Sperm is the reproductive cells and are produced within the testes. They carry your genetic factors and information to your offspring.

Semen, on the other hand, is a fluid containing sperm. It’s created in your prostate gland and the seminal vesicles. Generally, it’s composed of about 90 percent water. Nine percent is the seminal fluid proteins, and then sodium, fructose, citrate, chlorine, calcium, and other enzymes will make up the other one percent.

Sperm requires semen to swim through the vagina and fertilize the woman’s egg cells. Semen will give the nutrients to the sperm and protect it.

You don’t have to worry about your sperm count if you’re hoping to cum further. Sperm production focuses on fertility.

However, semen quality is crucial for ejaculatory volume and distance.

Use These Tips to Increase Semen Volume and Prevent Weak Ejaculation Volume

Men rarely have trouble with sexual arousal, but they may find that their ejaculation distance is pretty weak. Though you don’t have to focus on your sperm quality, the semen containing it will make a difference.

You’ve learned a few tips to help you shoot cum far. Use proper eating habits, intense exercise for the core, and consider taking supplements to boost your overall and sexual health!