Do Women Like Semen?

Summary: Do you like semen? Well, regardless, if you’re reading this article, then you’ll soon find out that all your questions related to women liking or disliking semen are answered below. After reading this article, you will understand everything I know about male ejaculation, how women think semen tastes, what to do when there are problems performing, and last but not least, get a load of whether or not women care about loads. Keep reading for all the dirty details and more.

You’ve probably got strong feelings about whether you orgasm or not during sex. Likewise, you care and want your partner to orgasm. However, how important do women find a man’s orgasm and the way they ejaculate? Is semen volume a concern?


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Understanding Male Ejaculation

Most people aren’t sure what women feel during intercourse and whether they liked the taste of semen or even cared about it. Therefore, Andrea Burri wanted to learn more, and she’s from the European Institute for Sexual Health.

She created a paper about the importance of male ejaculation and whether it increased orgasm ability and female sexual satisfaction. Likewise, she co-authored this with Hartmut Porst and Joceline Buchmeier.

There’s little research about how women were affected when a partner ejaculated. Was it a turn-on? Did they have a better or worse sexual experience? Could they have more intense orgasms?

Burri got inspired by this topic after her clinical work showcased that many women had strong opinions about clinically irrelevant aspects of male ejaculation. They wanted to know how much ejaculate the man expelled or how loudly he got during the sexual act.

In fact, most women reported that it was distressing when the male partner couldn’t ejaculate or had delayed ejaculation because it made them feel they weren’t attractive or desired.

The entire article was featured in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, but let’s break it down for you.

Burri headed a study of 240 heterosexual, sexually active women from ages 20 to 60 and looked at what they liked in bed. Researchers found that about 50 percent of all women said it was important for the partner to ejaculate at the end of intercourse.

Women told researchers that their orgasms were intensified during a partner’s ejaculation, whether they thought it was more intense or because more ejaculate came out. Likewise, women who believed sex was important placed more value on the ejaculation of their partner.

In some cases, women are focused on intimacy more and don’t care about their partner reaching an orgasm. However, some women feel it’s crucial.

How Semen Tastes in a Woman’s Mouth

womans mouth


That’s not all, though! Women have preferences about their partner’s ejaculation, and texture and taste are part of this.

Some will never swallow a man’s load, and there are many reasons for this. Though smell might have something to do with it, people’s tastebuds vary. There could be ways to make yourself taste better, but it’s important to understand taste.

Most men believe that a woman’s vagina tastes fishy, at least a little. However, women go into grave detail about the taste of semen, saying it’s salty and warm and features a chlorine-like smell.

Just as every vaginal canal tastes and is different, the same applies to men. They must create the sperm, and there are many chemical compounds required to do that. Therefore, the taste of cum is very different for every man.

The prostate glands then use several other fluids, acids, and minerals to craft the semen, and they all influence the taste. Likewise, sperm must go through the vas deferens to the ampulla, which releases an antioxidant that gives the semen a mushroom-like taste.

Fructose, a type of sugar, also gets released in the process, which nourishes the sperm and gives it a sweeter taste. Therefore, cum tastes like a mixture of salty and bitter, with a touch of sweetness. There might not be a balance, which causes women to experience a bad taste in their mouth.

Likewise, semen will taste different if it combines with the vaginal fluid, which is very acidic. Therefore, it’s hard to say what a woman will get when she swallows.

Not Everyone Cares About the Load; It’s About Sexual Pleasure!

about sexual pleasure


Before you get too upset or try eating a bunch of sugar, it’s important to note that countless women are actually repulsed by their partner’s ejaculation. It doesn’t matter how much you produce or what it tastes like; they will never swallow and may even gag at the thought of going down on you.

Is that a bad thing? It could be. There are many social factors out there about women who swallow being “easy” or “slutty.” Therefore, they may not do it on principle. If it’s something you enjoy, the best way to deal with it is by talking to your partner and letting them know how you feel.

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What to Do When a Male Partner Suffers from Sexual Health Problems

A man ejaculating could be a crucial idea in a woman’s mind that makes her want to be more active in the bedroom. Those suffering from delayed ejaculation or those unable to ejaculate may wish to talk to take this semen supplement – it’s an absolute game changer in being able to produce massive amounts of semen.

Don’t Stress!

The one thing you should understand is that you don’t want to stress about how your cum tastes. Just as birth control and other factors can change how a woman tastes, the same is true for men. Overall, the goal is to have a long-term relationship with somebody who cares about you and wants sex.

Next Steps

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