6 Tips for Increasing Sperm Pressure

So much goes into the conversation about male sexual performance, fertility, and more. One of the big ones I always hear about is the idea of increasing semen volume. Ejaculating is a great feeling, but it doesn’t always look as great as you’d like.

When that time comes, you want to be firing off like a cannon instead of dripping like a tap that just had its water supply cut off. I get it!

Today, I’m gonna make a few recommendations and help you separate and understand a few very important things.  This is based on my own sexual experiences, coupled with some facts pulled from WebMD and other sources.

Understanding Seminal Fluid

Many people use the terms “semen” and “sperm” interchangeably but they’re very different. Semen production includes about 5% sperm, which the testicles make.

Most of the fluid will come from the seminal vesicles, which are just behind the bladder. There’s also the prostate gland, which is responsible for prostatic fluid, which is another chunk of the equation.

The final puzzle piece is the small amount of lubricating fluid that the bulbourethral glands near the penis’ base will add.

Why Might You Have a Low Semen Volume?

Different parts of your sexual health can be affected by different things and semen volume is no different.

First, age plays a part. Your prostate grows as you age, which makes it more difficult to pee and since it loses vascular cells, your semen volume lessens. I know it sucks.

Conditions such as prostatitis and benign prostate disorders can also inflame or enlarge the prostate, which creates an inhibition.

How Can You Increase Semen Volume?

Before we dive in here, I need to say something important. Semen volume and semen quality are not the same thing. Similarly, the amount of semen you see is not indicative of your sperm health either.

So don’t think that your sexual function is gone or going away just because you don’t see the kind of volume you want. Nevertheless, I do have a few useful tips that may just help you turn things around.

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

If you ever needed a reason to stop smoking, I just gave you one. Your penis hates it. The first problem is that it can create an erectile dysfunction. Additionally, research suggests that there’s a link between a fall in average semen volume and smoking.

Drink More Water

As you’ve been hearing since you were a kid, your body is mostly water. 70% of it is made up of the stuff, which means I don’t need to tell you that keeping hydrated has a lot of benefits. What if I told you that every bodily secretion depends on it?

When you’re dehydrated, your semen volume will likely be a lot lower. I think about eight to 10 glasses a day of water should be the target.

This is even more so for those who engage in activities whether for work or leisure that cause a lot of sweating.

Throw Some Exercise into Your Routine

I’m not the first one to talk about the fact that your sexual and reproductive health get quite a boost from working out regularly. One of the best parts about consistently working out is the way it amplifies your cardiovascular health.

This means that your overall blood flow is a lot better. With a greater blood flow to your testicles, there’s more abundance of the nutrients needed to ensure that semen and sperm quality are what they should be.

More specifically, focus on those lower body exercises such as squats, lunges, and leg presses. Additionally, try to work your way up to doing 150 minutes of cardio weekly.

Stick to a Balanced Diet

When people talk about topics such as male sexual health and how to increase sperm count naturally, diet is always a part of the discussion. Why wouldn’t it be? Your body functions as well as it’s fed after all.

Some of the specific foods that should help you are walnuts, fatty fish, eggs, bananas, and green leafy vegetables. Keeping a lot of zinc in your diet is also a plus.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling you to go out and only eat these things. Notice that I used the word “balanced.” Sure, you need to get these things in, but don’t neglect the other foods your body needs.

Limit Masturbation

I want you to think of your body as a small tank that contains fluid. When the fluid is used, it needs recharging before it’s used again.

The thing is masturbating by itself is not necessarily a problem. However, should you masturbate just ahead of sex, then you won’t really recharge enough to have the kind of semen volume you need.

You should also know that the levels of enjoyment and arousal you experience play a part. Both these things can be limited by your consumption of porn, so you may want to dial that back a bit.


Whether it’s for healthy sperm or increasing your semen volume, sometimes you just need a little help, and nothing is embarrassing about that.

One of your options is to take a zinc supplement, which is linked to better testosterone levels, which translates to better semen quality.

You could also take a supplement specifically made to help with overall sexual function including semen volume. Let me introduce you to Semenax.

Thanks to a blend of herbal extracts, essential amino acids, and vitamins, your reproductive system as a whole will thank you. You’ll even notice that the pleasure you feel is greater than before.

Why Does Ejaculate Volume Matter?

From an objective standpoint, a greater semen volume helps if you’re trying to make a baby. Of course, this would need to be paired with a healthy sperm count. Greater semen volumes mean there’s more lubrication and travel potential for your sperm to an egg.

There’s more for the cells to swim in, meaning that they move better. What about those of us who aren’t interested in getting anyone pregnant, though?

Listen, I can level with you. For me, it looks good and feels good. When I’m “firing” on all cylinders, there’s more for me to “cover” my partner with and we both leave happy if you get what I’m saying, which I know you do.

If that’s your motivation, there’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s not a bad thing to want to cum a lot more!

Does Less Semen Mean a Low Sperm Count?

The short answer to this is no, and misinformation is one of the reasons we even have to have this conversation. As I said before, more semen means that the sperm cells can swim better, but even when you’re pumping out the stuff, a semen analysis could reveal that the actual sperm count is low.

On the flip side, there could be less than average volumes of semen coming out, but sperm production levels are high.

Increasing sperm count definitely makes you more fertile, but that doesn’t mean you become a bigger shooter.

Wrapping Up

There are a couple of reasons why you may want to increase your semen volume, which I can understand. Thankfully, with a couple of conscious decisions on your part, reaching that goal may not be as hard as you think.

You could try lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, eating better, drinking more water, and watching your masturbation schedule.

While you should definitely do these anyway, my recommendation is to bring Semenax into the mix for an added boost. Its combination of ingredients targets your overall reproductive system health to always keep you ready!