Xplozion Ejaculate Volumizer Reviews – Was it a Scam?

Most men deal with the effects of erectile dysfunction and want all-natural solutions to their problems. If you’re not ready to get ED medication, you may turn to dietary supplements. My Xpolozion Ejaculate Volumizer review will give you all the facts you need to make an informed decision.

Xplozion Ejaculate Volumizer

What’s Xplozion Ejaculate Volumizer?

Xplozion was created to address erectile dysfunction as well as help men generate more cum. Generally, men who suffer from it have psychological issues or higher stress levels, and this supplement is designed to help.

BeAMonstar manufactures Xplozion Ejaculate Volumizer, and it does offer a few other supplements. It claims to help men have healthier and larger-volume loads of semen, which leads to longer and better orgasms.


  • Uses all-natural ingredients and is considered safe
  • Features vitamins used for male sexual health
  • Offers a money-back guarantee


  • Not clinically proven to be safe or effective
  • Active ingredients aren’t clinically proven to boost the quality or volume of semen
  • Poor customer reviews
  • Several customer complaints relating to the money-back guarantee
  • Can cause side effects, such as hypersensitive reactions, nausea, and upset stomach

How Does It Work?

The formula is designed to be taken daily and provide the nutrients a man needs to ejaculate in higher quantities. It features vasodilators and antioxidants to improve male sexual health, which should lead to more satisfaction and performance.

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Ingredients in Xplozion Ejaculate Volumizer

Xplozion contains zinc, Vitamin B12, niacin, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. These ingredients play a crucial role in a man’s reproductive health to produce high-quality semen in good quantities. In fact, zinc is necessary for testosterone production.

The formula also contains pine bark extract, Swedish flower extract, chrysin, Pygeum Africanum bark, and maca root.

Generally, these herbs are found in most male enhancement products and are designed to boost your sex drive and performance. However, it’s unclear how much of each ingredient is used, so you can’t know if you’re getting enough (or too much) of any one thing.

What Customers Say

If you visit the official BeAMonstar website, you won’t find any reviews on Xplozion Ejaculate Volumizer. This is a red flag to me because most men try all sorts of herbal remedies before turning to their doctors. Since there are no testimonials, it makes me wonder if anyone has tried it and liked it.

I then tried other websites, including Walmart.com and Amazon. It wasn’t listed on the Amazon website, but it was there at Walmart.com. There were only three reviews. Two claimed that it worked, and one said that they hadn’t seen the promised results.

Overall, I wouldn’t take a supplement that had so few reviews, especially when they were mixed.

The Final Verdict on Xplozion Ejaculate Volumizer

My Xplozion Ejaculate Volumizer review is coming to an end. Overall, the product contains the same ingredients as other male enhancement supplements on the market. However, it doesn’t appear to work after reading the few reviews.

If you want to take an herbal supplement to improve your semen quality and volume, it’s best to buy Semenax.  It’s by far the best one on the market that I’ve found.